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Picuki: Is it Really Safe and Anonymous?

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October 24, 2022

What is Picuki?

Picuki is a platform that lets people explore Instagram without logging in. This is useful if you are conducting market research and want to hunt for results by region or hashtag before saving your thoughts. It will also display anyone’s profile that isn’t set to hidden, and you may browse and bookmark their tales. It also lets you view complete captions for each post without having to scroll down.

Picuki is an online photo editor that is easy to use and free. Either upload your photographs or pick from a selection of stock images. It has a variety of tools that you can use to edit your photos, including cropping, filters, and text. You can also create collages and GIFs with it.

Why Do People Use Picuki?

It may be implemented for several things. The major reason for utilizing it is that it allows you to access Instagram profiles without signing in. You may also download original Instagram photographs and videos from this page.

It features an excellent editing tool that allows you to apply filters, add text, and modify an image’s color and brightness. Furthermore, it is a free and secure service that does not monitor your activities.

Instagram vs Picuki

On this website, there are a lot of features that are missing from Instagram.

These characteristics are listed below.

Instagram Viewing Without an Account By Using Picuki

Without having an Instagram or Picuki account, you may view Ig data there. To browse the extensive information, just type “picuki” into any search engine website, including Google. On Instagram, you must sign in, though.

The Greatest Method For Viewing Instagram Stories Anonymously

What Is Picuki

Using its search, you may view the Instagram stories of any profile anonymously. This suggests that if you see someone else’s Instagram story, it won’t leave any evidence behind on the Instagram app.

On Insta, though, you first need to register for an account. After that, your name will show up on that person’s list of watchers if you read their story. Through a Picuki account, you may view the Ig DP in its full and download it at its original quality.

Instagram does not provide users with the ability to see the complete Instagram profile picture. Not even a download is possible.

How to Download Images And Videos From Instagram Using Picuki

On Picuki, you may download videos and posts from Instagram. Find the account using the login on Picuki, go there, and download the picture. On Instagram, you can only download your own stories; there is no option to save photos or videos.

How Do I Edit Videos and Pictures On Picuki?

On this tool, you have the option to edit your pictures and movies. You may change the filter, the background of your images, and many other things.

This option is not available on Instagram. You cannot change a photo’s filter once it has been add to your feed.

Copy Hashtags and Captions Using Picuki

Using this tool, you may copy captions and hashtags. This is quite useful while using the app. This function is not available in the official Instagram app. Only the hashtag and caption are displayed.

How Does Picuki Function?

How Does Picuki Functions

It is like a search engine for Instagram. There are simply two ways to monitor Instagram subscribers using this service.

  • Hashtag Search
  • Account Search

 Method 1: Using Account Search

The steps listed below can be used to do this using this website.

  • Visit Picuki to see the official website.
  • There will be a new page. Find the Instagram username using the search bar.
  • A range of profiles will then show up after that.
  • To peak the chosen account, just click it.
  • Account opening will occur.

Method 2: Using Hashtag Search

Follow the instructions below to see the Instagram post that uses the chosen hashtag.

  • Go to Picuki’s official website.
  • Then, choose “search” and “search icon” using the drop-down box after entering the hashtag you wish to view.
  • The list of hashtags is shown.
  • The hashtag could then be tapped to view it.

Is It Anonymous?

Yes. Picuki is private. You may anonymously write and view Instagram stories using this internet viewer.

You don’t require to own an account to visit Instagram. So, you may check out Instagram profiles and profile pics using sites like Picuki.

Picuki Twin Website

On rare occasions, Imginn also could cease working right when you need it. You might not see any outcomes. For those circumstances, you have to make backup websites like Picuki.

Smihub and Dumpor are alternative websites. This website provides access to all of Picuki’s perks.

What Makes The Picuki Unique?

It is exceptional due to many factors.

Here are some unique factors:

  • You may download original posts online without logging up with your Instagram ID.
  • You may also view that person’s use patterns, which could concern you.
  • Nobody can see what you’re doing.
  • This method of browsing downloaded stuff is secure.
  • This site and the Instagram app are fully compatible.

Download Instagram Pictures And Videos.

Videos and post entries are fairly simple to download.

Here is how you can download your desired picture and video from insta:

  • Go to Picuki using any web browser that you have open.
  • On the following page, type the username into the search field.
  • A listing of profiles that match the search parameters will be displayed.
  • On the chosen account, click.
  • On the chosen post, click.
  • From there, download the article.

Edit Your Picture On Picuki

Picuki is the ultimate free Instagram viewer that provides online photo editing. The saturation, hues, color, backgrounds, contrast, and exposure may all be alter in images. The photographs may then be downloaded and saved right away.

Simply adhere to the guidelines below to edit photos:

  • Use Picuki to launch the required image.
  • Press the edit button.
  • The coming page will have all of the options for modifying the picture.


We discussed the many functions and uses of this program. Imginn also have viewing and downloading postings, stories, videos, and graphics are also covered here. Now that you are aware of this, you will be able to use it to access some features that are not available through the regular Instagram app.

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