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How Physical Therapy Services Can Prevent Injuries?

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July 14, 2022
Physical Therapy Services

Americans seeking to get physical therapy services at home for their physical injuries have increased in this recent decade. Around millions of US citizens participate in one organized sport or the other every year. Consequently, several people get injured in the process, most of which develop into long lasting wounds. This is most common in children, teens, and athletes with two of the most often occurring injuries are strains and sprains.

Some sports are far more dangerous than others, such as contact sports like football, wrestling, etc. Contact sports often report higher number of injuries compared to noncontact sports like swimming. However, this should not take away from the fact that every sport has the potential to severely injure its player. Regardless of whether there is any trauma of contact with other players. Some injuries can also arise from overuse of a certain body part.

Physical injuries and mental health

A lot of trivial physical injuries can be worked through with minor impact on daily activities, and often do not affect the person psychologically. However, many studies have discovered that a couple of physical injuries are capable of transforming someone’s psychological, emotional, physical, and cognitive capabilities substantially. The emotional trauma resulting from experiencing a life altering physical injury can leave a person vulnerable to disorders. Like depression, panic attacks, anxiety, substance abuse, insomnia, PTSD, and many other related mental health issues. In fact, even minor injuries can turn a person’s spirit brittle, and uncover a lot of mental health problems like hysteria along with psychosomatic responses due to eruption of coping defenses. The deeper a person’s reliance is on their physical attributes and their performance, especially athletes. The greater the emotional reaction they would have.


How to know someone should get physical therapy at home

Research conducted by Behavioral Medicine, Health Psychology and Psychoneuroimmunology discussed that the connection between the mind and the body are directly correlated to speed with which one recovers from a physical injury. Additionally, the mental and emotional symptoms further worsen when injuries result in loss of skills that affect one’s ability to work, study, socialize or do basic day-to-day things. This brings an influx of stress regarding the future and finances. In some cases, the person affected may be an athlete and see their career slip away from them. Because of the injury resulting in an austere downward spiral.

The response to the injury and its diagnosis matters a lot, because it stays with the person till the very last step which is recovery. It is crucial for the medical team or sports physician to get the injured athlete or person to get physical therapy at home, especially when they deny facing any emotional issues. Often the loss of time and opportunities due to their physical injuries can slowly creep their way into the victim’s psyche significantly altering their emotional wellbeing, which in turn slows down their physical recovery.

Getting Physical Therapy Services

However, this slow descent into hopelessness can easily be prevented through physical therapy services. Though at times surgery might seem like the only way to treat a joint issue, a lot of doctors would recommend that the person get physical therapy first. Physical therapy services are a far less invasive method of healing. A lot of cases have demonstrated that through physical therapy services you are enhancing. Your healing by strengthening the muscles around the affected joint. This allows for the expansion of range of motion that in turn helps in stamping out a lot of pain and gives way to reinforcement of movement.

Benefits of physical therapy services

According to American Physical Therapy Association (APTA), a physical therapist is a medical professional who has been trained and licensed to help many recover from joint or bone injuries. They diagnose bodily issues, work with the person to help them restore function and mobility in their physical form. Later they help in maintaining the physical agility for the long run. You can even get physical therapy at home through renowned and trusted healthcare institutes like Premier Home Health Agency.

An intricately designed physical therapy services plan can deal with any physical injury and has been reported triggering healing from the get-go. Here are some benefits you can avail by opting for physical therapy services:

Abate or extinguish pain

Experiencing excruciating pain and having to live with it everyday can be debilitating for many, especially if the cause of pain is unknown or has multiple origins. Physical therapy services employ therapeutic exercises supervise. By experience professionals along with other techniques that help give impetus to mobility in joints and soft tissue, restoring muscle function simultaneously. Physical therapists also utilize treatments especially designed for specific health issues, like dry needling and electrical stimulation etc.

Reintroducing mobility

Several patients go through a lot of difficulty in their attempts to stand, walk, and balance after a severe injury or corrective surgery. Long durations of joint immobility can cause it to congeal and limit its maneuverability. When you get physical therapy at home you provide it therapeutic lubrication to get back into form again. Your physical therapist will take you through some strengthening exercises. Also get you to stretch to help loosen your joints up. This not only helps the person regain their strength but they also get better at coordination. The potential to sustain any further injuries is also evanesced. In fact, to further boost recovery a physical therapist can provide their patients with assistive tools like crutches etc.

No more surgery

Though we do not discount the fact that going under the knife might be critical to repair certain injuries. A lot of such ailments can be significantly heal through physical therapy. Orthopedic issues like knee osteoarthritis, meniscal tears, rotator cuff tears, degenerative disk issues. Spinal stenosis can be swiftly treat if you get physical therapy at home. Completely skip over intimidating and intrusive surgery.

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Prevent future injuries

While physical therapy services can help you recover from an orthopedic injury, it can also help future occurrences of it. As we mentioned before your physical therapist will start off by doing a body scan to point out. Which joints and muscles need to be work. In the process of that they can also point out other areas. That are highly susceptible to injury and suggest practicing precaution. In fact, they can also help you work around other health concerns like asthma, diabetes, respiratory issues etc.

When you get physical therapy at home from the health agency you are predispose. To sessions that are specifically design for you. Our licensed therapists will discuss every technique with you and help you understand how it will affect your progress.

The best part about all of this is that you do not need a doctor recommendation to go see a physical therapist. If you are experiencing intense pain. The daily basic tasks are becoming difficult to fulfill you can just book an appointment with a best health agency professional. The physical therapist can then refer you to a doctor first if they see the need for it. Or they can just get start on the sessions.

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