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The Desperate Search for the Missing OceanGate Submersible Intensifies

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June 21, 2023
Missing OceanGate Submersible

The massive search and rescue operation for missing OceanGate Submersible is ongoing across the North Atlantic after a submersible searching for the wreck of Titanic disappeared deep beneath the sea on Sunday. There are five who are aboard.

Researchers on the Polar Prince the mothership of its ship at the surface and lost contact with crew soon following that the Titan started its descent. The oxygen supply is not sufficient available on the Missing OceanGate Submersible. It is believed that oxygen supplies will end by approximately 10:15 GMT (06:00 ET) on Thursday.

The sound of bangs has been observed within the search zone from missing OceanGate Submersible. However, it’s not clear where they’re coming from, or the meaning behind them.

US, Canadian and French agencies have joined forces to find the submersible and tour company OceanGate states it is looking at the possibilities of getting the vessel back in safety. We’ll look at what we’ve learned to date.

What’s the most recent information regarding the hunt?

A Canadian search plane has detected underwater sounds. Experts from deep sea say it’s difficult to identify the source of these sounds without seeing the information.

However, it’s possible that these could be brief, extremely high-frequency sound waves that are generated within the vessel through hitting an object that is hard against the side of the submarine.

The US Coast Guard has sent ROVs which are remotely operated vehicles that search beneath the surface of the region. Learn more about the technology being utilized in BBC video guide.

Plans continue to look for the missing Titan from the air. In the case missing OceanGate Submersible Titan was able to return to the surface of the ocean, but somehow failed to communicate.

A French ship equipped with a deep-sea underwater machine will be in the region in the afternoon of Wednesday the local time.

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What could have transpired to this?

Prof. Alistair Greig, a submarine specialist of University College London, says one of the major issues is that rescuers are unable to decide whether to focus on the ocean floor or on the surface and it’s very likely to fall in between.

He’s been through a couple of scenarios. One scenario is where it released an “drop weight” following an emergency to help get it back close to the surface.

“If there had been an electrical or communications failure, it could happen which would have caused the submersible to continue to float at the surface, waiting for it for a solution,” he said.

Another possible scenario is that the hull has been damaged, resulting in leakage. “Then the outlook isn’t bad,” he says.

What depth is it? And are they able to get there?

What depth is it And are they able to get there

From OceanGate/FILE

The wreckage of the Titanic is located 3,800m (12,500ft) under the ocean floor of the Atlantic. If the submersible is deep into the sea and isn’t able to get to its original position under its own power the options are limitless.

There are small number of vessels capable of getting this deep and definitely not diving vessels. Navy vessels designed specifically for submarine rescues don’t go anywhere much deeper than what is required.

According to OceanGate which is the firm who owns missing OceanGate Submersible Titan, Titan is one of the five submersibles that are manned around the globe capable of reaching the required depth.

It is true that the US Navy does have an ROV which can be operated at the depth of 3,780m and use it to find and rescue the wrecked fighter plane at a depth of 3,780m (12,400 feet) in the South China Sea last year.

In this instance in that incident, the US military utilized ROVs to rig an rigging to the plane and attach it to a hook for lifting which was then lowered by a crane mounted on the rescue vessel’s top of the.

Who’s aboard on Missing OceanGate Submersible?

Who's aboard on Missing OceanGate Submersible

From left, Hamish Harding, Shahzada Dawood, Suleman Dawood, Paul-Henri Nargeolet and Stockton Rush Obtained by CNN

Five people aboard on missing OceanGate Submersible comprise:

  • Hamish Harding is a 58-year old British businessman and an explorer
  • Shahzada Dawood, 48-also an British businessman, and his younger son Suleman Dawood 19
  • Paul-Henry Nargeoleta aged 77, is a French Explorer who is known as “Mr Titanic”
  • Stockton Rush, 61 is the CEO of OceanGate which is the company responsible for the dive

What is the average price for a dive? cost?

OceanGate Expeditions charges guests $250,000 (PS195,270) for the privilege of being in its 8-day voyage to view the wreckage of the Titanic.

The location is located about 600km (370 miles) in the ocean of Canada’s Newfoundland It is located in two sections The bow and stern divided by around 800 meters (2,600ft). An enormous debris field covers the wrecked vessel.

A complete dive into the wreck, including ascent and descent, will take eight hours. Each dive is designed to have an objective of scientific research, such as investigating the wreck’s decomposition.

The first dive was held in 2021 according to the site of the company.

Does it actually operate by a game controller?

Titan Titan is incredibly small and slim it measures at just 670 cm x cm 250cm (22ft 9.2ft 9.2ft 8.3ft). 8.3ft) and is able to carry only five people: an instructor and four passengers who must sit on the floor with only a small amount of space to move about.

In addition to taking divers to the wreckage of the Titanic. The vessel is employed for surveying and inspection as well as research and data collection as well as film and media production and deep sea tests of software and hardware.

According to the firm according to the company, according to the company, Titan comes “outfitted with the latest lighting technology and sonar navigation equipment, plus internal and externally mounted 4K video equipment and photography”.

The BBC’s US affiliate CBS also sent one its reporters on a trip together with the same firm in the year 2000 to visit the wreckage of the Titanic.

Stockton Rush then gave him the opportunity to tour the submersible. He showed the submersible only one button to operate and operates by an electronic game controller. Game controller.

It’s not uncommon to see on-the-shelf game controllers to be utilized for real-world vehicles. But it is the case with this particular model. Washington Post reports that the model featured in the CBS article appeared to be an older version.

How long ago did it disappear?

Polar Prince Polar Prince first arrived near the Titanic wreck early on Sunday as the Titan was sunk at around the time of 08:00 in local time. The Titan was to surface around 15:00. Contact fell off 1 hour 45 minutes after it began its descent around 09:45.

The Coast Guard said they were alerted of the incident at around 17:45. It was 8 hours after. The command center of the agency located in Boston was then able to coordinate the search effort.

It’s believed to lie around 800 miles (1450km) east, and 400 miles (643km) south of St. Johns, Newfoundland.

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