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How to Become a Medical Device Sales Representative

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July 07, 2023
Medical Device Sales Representative


Are you interested in dealing with people and selling products? Are you looking for a rewarding career option that will land you on fruitful grounds? A career option that will advance with ongoing time and where you will learn new skills and upgrade your knowledge? What if we tell you can tune your career as a medical device sales rep?

You can depict a medical sales representative as a bridge between healthcare professionals and medical device advancements. Healthcare professionals rely greatly on these representatives to advance their knowledge and usage of the medical devices ongoing in the industry. It requires you to have adequate knowledge first to transfer it to the healthcare industry later. In this way, you can play your part by optimizing the medical device knowledge and delivering it to the rightful hands.

Such a significant job post requires a deep knowledge of pursuing this career and attaining the skills to excel in this field. This blog will guide you through the alpha and beta of pursuing a career as a medical sales representative. So stay tuned!

Understanding the Role of Medical Device Sales Representative

Medical sales representative serves as an essential link between medical technology businesses and the healthcare professionals who use their products.

Your main duty as a medical device sales representative will be to advertise and sell medical products to different markets, with a particular emphasis on physicians, clinics, healthcare institutions, and hospitals. Medical device sales is a specialized field in the healthcare industry, focusing on promoting and distributing medical devices. It includes hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare setups.

Pursuing the Career as Medical Device Sales Representative

After knowing the rewarding benefits of the medical device sales rep, you might wonder; what the career pathway is. Here’s a comprehensive guide:

Gain a bachelor’s degree:

Acquiring a bachelor’s degree is not a requisite. However, around 82% of the sales rep for medical devices had a bachelor’s degree in 2021. If you opt for a degree program, consider majoring in life sciences, communication, business, or biology.

Opt for an Advanced Degree

As we have mentioned that 82% of the total medical sales rep had a bachelor’s degree, and 7% possessed a master’s degree. The higher your qualification, the higher the chance to stand out in the industry. Therefore, opting for a master’s degree would be a better option. Impress the employer with your outstanding qualifications and expertise and avail the best opportunities in the industry. You can pursue a master’s in marketing, business administration, or science.

Certification Requirement

Certifications are not a requirement, but having one boosts your chance of getting selected. In addition to a degree, certifications help you stand out with explicit qualities. As the demand is growing, so is the need for motivated reps. It implies that the competition is rising steadily. Grab your chance before anyone else takes your seat.

Learning about the Field:

Whatever pathway you choose, the foremost requirement of pursuing the career is to acquire knowledge about medical devices and applications in the healthcare industry. Gain insights into the latest technologies entering the market through seminars, webinars, industrial conferences, etc., boosting your healthcare vocabulary.

Determining the Inbound or Outbound Sales

There are two distinct sales strategies: Inbound and Outbound.

Inbound can be assumed as an indoor service. You encounter potential clients through online resources. It is an art of marketing strategy where you spread awareness about your product.

Contrary to this, outdoor services offer the traditional role, in which a sale rep contacts prospects through cold calling or emailing.

Start with Entry Level Position

When you enter any field, you are a starter. Later on, you gain experience and advance your position. Most medical reps stay at the starter position for two years and then jump onto a new seniority-level position.

Increasing Online Presence

Whether you are a fresher or an experienced professional, it is necessary to build your online presence. It increases your reach and your chances of gaining expertise and following new tracks.

Developing the Required Skills and Knowledge

Several key skills are essential to excel as a medical device sales representative. First and foremost, strong communication and interpersonal skills are crucial for building relationships with healthcare professionals and effectively conveying product information. Moreover, you should have in-depth product knowledge and technical expertise to address customer questions and concerns. Sales and negotiation skills are also necessary to close deals and meet sales targets. Lastly, time management and organizational skills are essential for managing a busy schedule and prioritizing tasks effectively.

Applying for Medical Device Sales Positions

It is necessary to tailor an effective and eye-catching resume and cover letter to increase your chance of getting selected. Emphasize your communication skills, sales achievements, and any healthcare-related experience. However, consider the power of personal and professional networks. Reach out to individuals within your network who may have connections or insights into the industry.

The Average Salary of a Medical Device Sales Representative

Salaries vary greatly based on where you work and which area you cover. But an average salary after a tenure of one to three years is $63,996 annually. The salary varies according to the employer, location, experience level, etc.


To conclude, the medical sales representative is a bright career option to consider while pursuing a healthcare career. You get to interact with potential clients and enhance your experience. Moreover, you can increase your professional network to excel in this field. This blog guide you through the career pathway of a medical device sales rep. You need to attain a bachelor’s degree. Then you can opt for a master’s or a certification. After that, you need to search for a prospective job option. HealthcareTalentLink is ideal platform for job seeker in healthcare. Therefore, enroll now and give your career a kickstart. Healthcare Talent Link enables you to connect to a pool of professionals waiting for the right talent. Gain expertise and then land on the right grounds.

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