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Do Energy Drinks Cause Kidney Stones?

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October 09, 2022
Do Energy Drinks Cause Kidney Stone

What is an Energy drink?

Energy drink is a beverage that contains a high amount of caffeine and sugars and also other additives and legal stimulants such as which taurine, L-carnitine, and guarana which increases energy level and also enhances mental alertness and can improve physical performance. Do Energy drinks cause kidney stones? Let’s dive in.

How do Energy drinks impact your health?

Energy drinks provide energy but temporarily and their ingredients may cause harm to your body. These drinks can:

  • Cause weight gain (due to excessive sugar)
  • Causes tooth decay
  • May harm your mental health
  • Impacts your sleep (It may cause you lazy/ distracted)
  • Increase the risk of diabetes and Blood pressure
  • Cause kidney stone (will discuss below)

Do Energy drinks cause kidney stones?

Yes, Energy drinks can cause kidney stones. Many studies support this sentence but some do not and we will discuss it below.

What are kidney stones?

Kidney stones are hard deposits formed in the kidney. They are composed of minerals and salts. They can be formed in your both kidneys. Each a year half million people have kidney stone problem. According to studies the risk of kidney stones in men is 11% and in women is 9%.

What are the types of stones?

Calcium oxalate

Calcium oxalate is the most common form of stone. Forms when calcium combines with oxalate in the urine.

Uric Acid

Uric acid is also another common type of stone. High purine intake may contribute in stone formation.

Struvite Stones

Struvite stones are a less common stone form. These stones are large and may cause urinary obstruction.

Cystine Stones

Cystine stones are rare and tend to run in families.

What are the symptoms of kidney stones?

Symptoms Of Kidney Stones

Following are the symptoms of kidney stone:

  • Severe Pain on the side of your back and lower abdomen
  • Blood in the urine
  • Burning sensation while passing urine
  • Foul-smelling urine
  • Nausea and Vomiting
  • Frequent Urination
  • Fever and chills

Which ingredients in Energy drinks can cause kidney stones?

So, about the question “Do Energy drinks cause kidney stones? “ Following are some ingredients found in Energy drinks that can cause kidney stones.


Oxalate is the most common kidney stone. It is found in some energy drinks. If there is a high amount of oxalate in the body it combines with other minerals to form stones such as calcium.


The sugar content is very high in energy drinks. The American Heart Association recommends limiting sugar to 36 gm for men and 25 gm for women per day.

The sugar load raises the urine calcium, when calcium binds with oxalate in urine it causes kidney stones.

Insulin resistance (when cells of your body stop responding to insulin) can raise the calcium levels in your urine, which can cause kidney stones. High levels of insulin can make the urine more acidic which could lead to uric acid stones.

Too much sugar can also cause other health problems like obesity, tooth decay, etc.


In Energy drinks, Caffeine is the main ingredient that gives you quick energy. Energy from caffeine is short-lived. Caffeine increases urinary calcium excretion, which causes stone disease.


Energy drinks can cause dehydration as they have high amounts of caffeine. Caffeine excretes water from the body to dilute the sugar. The major factor of kidney stones is low urine volume and it comes from dehydration. Sufficient hydration can prevent kidney stones.


Energy drinks contain high amounts of salt. High sodium content can trigger kidney stones as it increases the amount of calcium in the urine. Calcium binds with oxalate and form stones in the kidney. Guidelines suggest limiting sodium to 2300mg per day.

Which drink should I drink?

Which Drink Should I Drink

Lemon water

Lemon contains citrate. Citrate helps in inhibiting stone formation by binding with calcium which is unable to oxalate binding with calcium.

Cranberry juice

Cranberry juice helps in urinary tract infections.

Green tea

Green Tea has several benefits. It contains antioxidants that have many health benefits. It also improves your brain function. According to research green tea boosts metabolic rate and increases fat burning which might help in losing weight.

Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar contains acetic acid. Its acetic properties help in dissolving kidney stones. Apple cider vinegar also helps in easing the pain caused by the stone passage.


Milk is a nutrient-rich drink. It has several benefits. Milk provides important nutrients such as calcium, phosphorous, potassium, and vitamin D. Plus it is a good source of protein. It is a common misconception that a high calcium intake can increase the risk of kidney stone formation. In fact, taking foods that are rich in dietary calcium, such as milk, yogurt, cheese, almonds, and chia seeds will actually decrease your risk of developing kidney stones. Dietary calcium binds to oxalate before it gets to the kidneys helping to prevent stones.


Smoothies are the healthier plus delicious drinks. They are thick blended beverages that can be made with a variety of ingredients such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and yogurt. Smoothies are a convenient way to boost your fruits, vegetables, and fiber intake.

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Do Energy drinks cause kidney stones? – Conclusion:

So, you’ll get the answer “Do Energy drinks cause kidney stones? “. Yes! Energy drinks can cause kidney stones. It is better to replace Energy drinks with healthy drinks.

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